Anonymous said: Could I give you $50 to be extra mean/bitchy to me? if you want it that bad lol. how will I know its you though if youre anon?

Anonymous said: Whens your bday? Id like to send money as a donation for a few more flithy storys ;)

Its actually just been lol. August 22nd for future reference. Ive never put it on here before as I dont actually expect anyone to go through with sending anything, they always change their mind or something. Anyway if anyones desperate to spoil me then its for paypal.

Anonymous said: Do you think there's ever a line? Like do you think there's any situation in which cheating would be wrong?

If a guy did it. Haha

Anonymous said: Sara again <3 I knew I had to do something cruel to hubby for our anniversary but I didn't know what. I started denying him sex over a month in advance, always making lame excuses. The one time I pretended to be interested was after I heard him jacking off and I knew he couldn't get it up. Later that night when he was ready I told him I was too tired and went to sleep. When I read about Carla hurrying her husband I knew what to do :) The week leading up to our anniversary I kept telling

(continued) him how much I was looking forward to it and how great the sex would be so he’d be anticipating it extra. On our anniversary I made sure to give my lover a nice sloppy blowjob so I could great hubby with a big wet salty kiss when he got home <3 I kept teasing him during dinner and I could just see him going wild. Once we were in the bedroom he had a look of pure joy on his face as he undressed me to discover I was wearing a thong. I had him put on his two condoms as usual but this time tried

out hurrying and it worked like a charm. Normally he’s pretty efficient about getting his rubbers on but this time he was fumbling about and even dropped the second one on the floor. By the time he got it back and ready he’d lost hardness. I acted frustrated saying how can you go soft on our anniversary, etc. He said the condoms were making things difficult and that’s when I tried out your line about a poor workman blaming his tools :) I knew that would really get to him because he’s so

self conscious about his performance issues. You should have seen the look on his face, he was crushed <3 He tried to get his hard on back but to no avail and soon his joy evaporated into pure misery when he realized he had blown his chance. The silly thing is so pussywhipped that the next morning he got up early to make me an omelette and told me how lucky he was to have me as his wife and that he was sorry for ruining our anniversary :) I told him it was nothing some diamond jewelry

couldn’t make up for. Later that day I fucked my lover in our marital bed on hubby’s side and with no condom of course. That was two weeks ago and he hasn’t gotten any since. I plan to let him try again tonight but only if he can get his two rubbers on while being hurried. He’ll just have to get used to the hurrying or go without pussy from now on. Thanks for your blog and keep the great ideas coming <3

- Fuckkkk that’s so hot!! I love it, all of it! Especially that you did all this on his anniversary that’s so cruel ;) Denying him for a month, kissing him with cum on/in your mouth - I hope you made it last a while ;)  Im gonna have to try hurring him more it sounds so funn! And to think he was so eager and waited so long and he couldnt even got his two condoms on to fuck you :P

Well its his fault, I hope he got you that diamond jewellery :) You know you deserve it for being such a good wife.  Hopefully he was out buying it while you had cum leaking from your pussy on his side of the bed :’) You need to let it get covered in that other guys cumstains, let’s hope you have a white sheet :P Maybe when he goes to bed therell still be wet spots that you never wiped, and you can tell him as he tries to sleep on them that you spilled a drink earlier :P

How did it go that next night? And since then? :) x

Anonymous said: I love cheating on my BF. My fantasy is to fucked in the ass by David Cameron while getting fucked in the pussy by Ed Miliband (the fact that I've a superhot body might be the only things those men agree on) while sucking Nick Clegg's cock.

what the fuuuuuccccccckkkkk?????

Anonymous said: You earlier said you were reading law. Do you want to be a barrister or solicitor?

Probably a barrister, solicitor never sounded half as good.

Anonymous said: You really are a goddess, you have one tiny dicked loser here who would do anything to be cheated on by a busty alpha woman like you, to hear you humiliate me would be incredible

I bet.

Anonymous said: Whenever you get horny, you should send your boyfriend out to buy you presents (maybe lingerie?) while your flatmate fucks you. Sure you'll look a little disheveled when he gets back, but he won't say anything.

Already done ;) The present was shit though so I shouted at him :’)

Anonymous said: Fuck, the idea of your bf lying unconscious as a line of guys rape his ass and pump him full of cum is such a fucking turn on! It'd be even hotter if he woke up half way through and started screaming and crying while you watch and masturbate.

Mmmm ;)

Anonymous said: My girlfriend cheats on me all the time but when i confront her she cry's n gives me the puppy eyes so i forgive her i also take her shopping with the hope that she wont cheat again

Good boy. Or rather, she’s a good girlfriend. Thank your lucky stars.

Anonymous said: I'm not going to bother telling you that you're an evil person, because I'm sure you already know that. I'm not going to waste time on threats or pop psychology. I simply want to say that I feel truly sorry for you. People like you are utterly pitiable creatures. You are shallow and empty. Your life is hollow and without meaning. You will never experience love, or warmth, or the joy of a real relationship. You will only end up miserable in the end, and I feel genuine sympathy for you.

Except this IS pop psychology… I mean you’re making assumptions about me because you HAVE to, because you desperately want the world to be right and bad people to not have a good time or if they do have a good time for them to be secretly or eventually miserable. Unfortunately the world isn’t fair and doesnt work like that. I am a bad person like so many others - all with their own vices - and no I don’t feel sorry for myself. Sure maybe I will one day - who knows what the future will bring for any of you? - but so might you.

LIFE is without meaning. We give it our own meaning, and that meaning is different for everybody. You enjoy your cuddles and love. I’m a hedonist and I am happiest in the throes of pleasure. If I want something else in the future I’ll go for that but right now I’m having a good time with no regrets.

But if you want to waste your false sympathy then go ahead, but I think there are starving children out there who really need it, rather than some anonymous bitch who couldn’t care less :)

blackcockbimbos said: You're a boss ass bitch who deserves to be curled up on a throne wearing nothing except a shitload of diamonds you didn't pay for while you look through the dozens of nightly cock pics on your phone, trying to decide which of your guys you want to come over and bang you to pieces while your retarded sucker of a boyfriend toils away at some shit job for shit pay, always getting passed up for promotion because his confidence is shot from all your remarks and sneers you give him on the rare

(continued) occasions you let him pull out his little thing and tease him until he’s on his knees begging you to let him wear three condoms if only you would put out, always having to work late because all his bosses leave early to come dick you down and you spend so much of his money that when he tries to buy flowers in a silly little attempt to please you his card gets declined because you already spent the check he got yesterday on party supplies for when he’s not around, and always getting bitched out
as soon as he comes home because he didn’t get you anything until he breaks down into a nervous wreck and ends up up in tears painting your toenails while you enjoy the days cum oozing from your holes and update your tumblr. Go to the mirror and give yourself a big kiss. You fucking deserve it.

- I love this, you know just what I deserve. I hope I get all this one day, right down to the throne :P I hope to be more and more of a bitch to him as time goes on (or whoever I end up with next, like my ex again). Itd be so funny his card being declined because Ive already spent his money on myself.

The end is my fave. I actually did that. Went to the mirror and kissed my reflection.. perhaps for a little too long ;) I told you guys I have a vanity fetish haha. I wish I could kiss myself properly :P

Anonymous said: Does you current loser virgin boyfriend/cashpoint have siblings?

Yes he has two brothers and a sister :P I havent met them.. yet..

Anonymous said: Can you tell us more about what happened in your fresher's week? I'm going to uni in September and want some ideas! ;)

I wrote about it aages ago, basically I kissed some guys when I was drunk and eventually ended up getting fucked, It just escalated. I had a threesome before the end of it :P

cheatonmealready said: I wrote a post inspired by you prying information about the cumdump out of me. Figured you'd like that ;)

Just read it, love it :P Especially her reaction to it all, ‘bummer’ haha. Hot :P It’s probs happened to me before (I mean apart from the time with my flatmates) and I just didnt realise Id been fucked unconscious by a queue of guys :P Just like your good girlfriend.