cheatingwithoutremorse said: Your blog has always been one of my favorites. Being nasty is so fucking hot.


thishornygirl1 said: you and I are much alike! I've been cheating on my beta loser of a boyfriend for years now with real alpha males. It's too much fun. I have many pics on my profile where I am doing it with others, including a blowjob one. I wish I could link u to it but I can't through "ask" :S

Coool :) It definitely is! I love your pics and gifs on your blog! I hope that big fat ass sees a lot of cheating action x

Anonymous said: I've noticed a trend in these blogs that all of you women are usually into the super muscled tan macho dudes and that got me curious about something. Is that an absolute must for you? I ask because I myself am quite tall, but average looking and white as hell, but I have an extremely thick cock which is where I get my extreme confidence from and have been "the other guy" plenty of times. So, is it the confidence of the guy and how they treat you or how they actually look that does it for you?

See my ask a couple back. Nope it’s not something I’m huge into and most others aren’t either. And if you’re some Essex boy Jersey shore stereotyped to fuck whatever with your bleached teeth and bright orange faces you can fuck off and be cheated on non stop.

I like attractive guys, above average and big dicks, muscles are good but you just gotta look good naked and not look like you’re trying to be Arnold. 

'Average looking' - dunno, this could look like anything. Your cock sounds good though, I'm sure I could fit it in my ass. But yeah confidence is the MAIN thing, and it ALWAYS is. For girls AND guys looking for whoever.

Confidence works like magic. It actually makes people - girls and guys - more attractive, even if you are plain or even ugly. Seriously.

mdsharedwife said: You are the girl I wish I had been confident enough to be at 19. You're fantastic.


Anonymous said: I'm going on my first date with a girl this week and I can't help but think about how lucky I'd be if she ended up being a cheating bitchy slut. I can imagine having my first kiss with her right after she's sucked off some douchebag though I'd probably cry if she actually did that. You don't think she'd do that right?

I really hope she does. For her pleasure, not for yours. I hope she’s so nasty to you.

Anonymous said: Does the guy have to have a really big dick or does he just have to have big muscles and be a douchebag?

The former is a preference. I don’t much care about the latter two. I’m not that into huge muscles, neither are most girls really despite what it might seem sometimes. Bodybuilders especially are more for the interest of guys than other girls (obv exceptions). It helps a lot if you look good naked though and you can’t be ugly or a loser.

Douchebags isn’t on my “looking for” list… but neither will it cross you off my list of guys to fuck (though if you are intolerable you won’t fuck me more than once and maybe not even once).

You do need at least an average or above average dick, but not always a huge one - depending on your skill. I do love big fat dicks though. Oh yeah - don’t forget girth! I love to stretch :)

If I’ve just pulled out a small dick and you’ve lied about your size to get to this point then you’re going to get laughed at, made fun of and kicked out if it’s my place. Then I’ll tell all my girlfriends about you :P

herlilbitch said: I'm a pussy, consistently friend zoned guy, who has been denied by every hot girl I've tried to ask out since high school. Just thought you'd like to know I have my crooked dick double wrapped in condoms just for you when I jack off. You have a loser you don't even know denying himself pleasure for you :)

Haha really, wow. Good. Is anyone else doing this? You should, it would please me. I like knowing that I am denying other loser guys their satisfaction because they worship me. If you’re not wearing at least one condom to jack off to my blog then you’re not really deserving of being cheated on by a hot girl :P

Wearing one condom means you deserve to be cheated on.

Wearing two condoms means you deserve for a sexy girlfriend to cheat on you with your friends, co-workers, neighbours, family, strangers at a club, guys in the street, and for her to be bitchy to you every day, use all your money and treat you like shit.

thetasteofawoman said: I'm not a cuck, but I'm curious because I like to laugh at them. have you ever considered taking him back as a cuck? Making him eat you clean after you cuck him and allowing him to jerk off if he does a good job?


Anonymous said: JR: M'LADY, that was so fucking hot! If only you would have had that double penetration in pussy and anal, it would have been SO much hotter! And there would have been that very small chance that he would have asked anal sex, in which ofc you could have respond with strapons XD. Can you keep us updated on how your friend keeps cheating him? Also you going with ex, I don't think that relationship would live long as he already knows what you LOVE to do.

Well I found two in the pussy the hottest choice for that particular situation. Knowing how much he wanted mine and wasn’t even allowed that. He was too obsessed with that for anal to top him catching me with two big dicks in my pussy at once. Although it would hae been fun for me to tell him anal didn’t count as cheating and of course other guys were allowed my ass, duh.

I’ll keep people updated on it if they ask, although there probs won’t be much to tell beyond ‘yep, still a virgin!’

And I know what you mean about the last bit, but I’m still gonna let it happen. it just won’t last that long I think! He does seem to trust me to be good this time, bizarrely. See my last big reply to an ask for more info.

Anonymous said: I'm amazed you only slapped the whiny little twat once. :)

When/if some girl is dumb enough to give up her pussy for him he will inevitably fuck it up and her thoughts will turn to bigger stronger guys... Good work :)

Haha me too. Although I have slapped him quite a lot other times, trouble is he’s so meek and accepting most of the time :P

Hopefully he’ll never get any pussy. He’ll get married to someone who will promise him it on the honeymoon but she won’t even fuck him then, just will be fucking everyone else at the resort in her wedding dress while denying him night after night saying she’s tired or doesn’t feel like it.

mikedennis0101 said: Gosh I wish you where my girlfriend so you could cheat on my clueless ass

Join the queue :)

pet-for-you said: i just read your post "big update"; it's the hottest story ever! i have a tiny dick and got cheated on by my gf's many times - it's such a hot feeling. sorry this is no ask, just wanted to say, "what an awesome story."

You deserved it.

Anonymous said: Awesome news you've posted!! Wow! And of course he would have tried to get back with you ;) You had him wrapped around your little finger! Have you told your ex-bf? What did he have to say about it?

Haha I really did, didn’t realise QUITE how much until the end! Yeah my ex knows now and thought it was very cruel but really really crazy hot, judging from  the online convo we recently had he just about blew up on it :P He told me I’m an evil bitch and I said I know ;)

Then he talked about how much he wants to fuck me again (we’ve been talking like this a long time now, he’s obsessed with me) and rather than my usual ‘I bet you do ;)’ and follow up teasing, maybe going on cam for him to torment him further, I said well maybe you might have a chance now, if you’re good. He was so excited by it he told me he was gonna cum just from thinking about it. Said I was the hottest girl ever.

I asked if he regretted breaking up with me and he said definitely. I asked if he had gotten over me cheating on him and he said not really and that it really fucked him up but he’d do anything just to have sex with me again. He hasn’t even had sex since we were together lolll it’s been so long no wonder he’s mad with lust.

I’m always teasing him about my love of anal (knowing he never got it when we were together) and promising him he could have it if we ever got back together. I asked him what he’d do if he could fuck my ass whenever he wanted and he said fucking anything. So I said well tell me…

That it was your fault I cheated on you those two (lol as if) times.

That you’re sorry for making it into such a big deal.

That you trust me when I tell you it’ll never happen again.

He said yes to all three one by one as I asked them :) He asked if I’d got cheating out of my system now, I said yes definitely, that I just wanted him to fuck my ass every night. That my recent boyfriend I hadn’t wanted to have sex with and he’d been a pushover with a smaller dick than him and that’s the only reason I was cheating. A mixture of truth and lies is the best medicine :P

He asked why I’d cheated on him and I said I dunno they were just accidents but they wouldn’t happen again. He said he’d been fantasising about getting back with me and fucking my tight little ass (his words) every single day. I told him I’d take his dick deep in my ass (not very deep with his dick lol) if he told me he was sorry for catching me cheating on him. With an evil ;) wink, knowing how turned on he was and knowing that he thought i was just playing around to be a hot bitch (and not actually meaning it, which I did).

He told me how evil I was again - which I love - and he said he was sorry. I said sorry for what, he said sorry for catching you cheating on me. Then I said I don’t believe you, make me believe it. He said he was really sorry for catching me cheating and making it into a big deal and it wouldn’t happen again. 

My last thing - I knew I had him by the balls - was ‘admit that you didn’t deserve me and that you deserved to be cheated on :)’

He agreed to both :’)

I said ‘Good :)’

Then I said I had to go but I’ll talk to him again at some point, and I promptly exited the convo. He texted saying I was a manipulative bitch and I texted back a smiley face.

He’s still not my boyfriend though, not yet :P He’s gonna have to beg to take me back. Commit to spoiling me and with enough compliments and presents and apologies I might consider it :P

Of course I know him well, guys will say any shit when they’re horny, but I know he definitely wouldn’t want me to cheat on him again, and that he actually does trust me not to do it with him again. Self-deceiving delusion :P He just wants to go out with me and fuck me so bad his sense has slipped right away - you can do that with guys if you’ve got them all over you and thinking with their dick (and maybe heart) but not their brain.

Anonymous said: This has all been a bit easy for you hasn't it?

Next pick some cocky twat (it's uni, I'm sure you know some of those) who has banged a couple of girls in his home town and thinks he's it.

Maybe he isn't even that bad in bed.

But wear him down slowly, day by day and hour by hour until he's just as fucked up and useless as your exes :)

It has a bit, although still a lot of fun, especially the ending! Not to mention all the denial lol.

Yeah I’ve been considering something like that, but I also want to let my ex get back with me for a while - and have some fun.


I know I haven’t posted an update in a while. A big thing happened - so about half my audience are going to be disappointed and half more interested again for what’s next.. can’t please them all!

Some boring stuff of course… no point talking about any of that.

But my virgin boyfriend caught me lol. And to be honest I had kinda hoped he would, so I was being less and less careful so it was only a matter of time. Things had been getting boring for me, I mean he was such a pushover, even more than my ex. And like other people have pointed out that isn’t as much fun if there isn’t something to fight against and get bitchy about. I don’t like just being let to do things, I like at least a bit of conflict and argument. I mean I still got that with the virgin, but it felt too easy…

Not just that though, but I missed all the nasty teasing stuff you can do when you are doing sexual stuff with your boyfriend. Like being fucked when you already have cum inside you, making him wear condoms, insulting his dick when he’s trying to have sex, and so on you know it all. I mean I COULD have denied the virgin forever (apart from those double wrapped loose handjobs he sometimes got after he got me presents), but it’s not about him it’s about me, and I like to have a bigger variety of enjoyment if you get me.

A LOT of you wanted me to make sure the virgin stayed a virgin after me, and so I did my duty lol. One of my interested friends who I’d talked to about it is already ‘seeing’ him, or near enough, in the heavy flirting-friends stage, and as she’s hot and fun and he probably really needs someone to comfort him after me I expect they’ll end up going out. I wish him the best of luck getting her to put out but somehow I think he’ll fail and he’ll still be wearing condoms to jack off ;) He’ll probably think by then being so naive that most girls prefer guys to wear condoms :P She told me herself she can’t wait to start cheating on him, she was a bit jealous of me before but now it’s her turn!

And before I get more asks asking this - no she has no plans to start a tumblr!

Anyway back to things. Yes so what happened is basically he came round to see me and walked in the room just as I was getting fucked in my pussy by one of my flatmates. I was riding the flatmate on the bed, and he got a good view of that beautiful dick so much bigger and fatter than his pounding my little pussy.

I turned my head to look at him when I heard the door open and well it was just such a hot experience, at least equal to when my ex caught me last time (if you remember, although that was just a blowjob). I said something like ‘mm sorry! It was just - unff - uh - its not what it looks like!’, can’t quite remember but as I was getting well fucked and loving it it wasnt the most coherent sentence :P Won’t get any awards for best apology ever haha :’)

He was shellshocked it seemed just standing there in the doorway but going bright red. Then I noticed he was carrying some chocolates or something that looked like them in his hand. So I said I think ‘aww are they for me? you’re so sweet!’ smiling at him all the while my flatmate - who knew the drill by now lol - was still pounding my pussy and I was still riding him, although admittedly we were going a little bit slower now. Shows I am a good respectful girl at heart :)

He was all flushed and looked like he was about to cry or something and tried to form sentences but couldn’t really. Eventually he said ‘what the fuck’ or something as meaningless and that’s probably one of the only times Ive heard him swear. Then maybe he said ‘how could you do this’ or something.

I remember telling him - through moans and groans - that we’d talk about it in a bit but I couldn’t just jump off the dick right now. I even said ‘if you’d just wait a few minutes I can explain’ lolll

He was just shaking his head and saying how he couldn’t believe this blah blah and then said I’m a horrible person I think that was it and that he wasn’t going to stay and watch this. Of course my flatmates timing was perfect - I thanked him for it later with a very sloppy blowjob and rimming -  because it was right then that he groaned beneath me (he hadn’t even glanced at my boyfriend) and started cumming inside me.

I was on the edge anyway what with everything and it was all so perfect that it set me off and I was racked with an almost-screaming orgasm. I don’t remember as I was fully in the moment but my flatmate said that I’d shouted for him to fuck me, cum in me, fill me up with all that cum, etc.

When I opened my eyes my boyfriend was gone and the door shut behind him - if he’d slammed it he didn’t do enough of a job for me to notice at the time lol — but of course he would have seen the start, and I’m willing to put money on him being transfixed enough to see more than just the start!

Anyhoo so he texted me right after, several of them in a row, all the same stuff like how coudl I do this and he trusted me and how I didn’t even use a condom (assuming he meant my flatmate) but nothing more aggressive than that, he probs didn’t have it in him. I was ignoring the texts for a while because I was giving my still-hard flatmate the aforementioned sloppy blowjob and ass-and-balls sucking and licking and tonguing - a full tongue bath really :P - and enjoying hearing my phone vibrate every few seconds.

After this I took my flatmate’s sopping wet cock in my perfect ass :) I rode him slowly while I texted my boyfriend back to ring me. Which he did immediately and I talked to him on the phone while I had a nice big dick in my bottom. During my (very leisurely) anal fuck I can’t remember exactly what I said (there’s a change lol) but it was a mix of insincere apologies (“well I’m sorry, but - “), accusations of him being dramatic and making a big deal out of it, argument, me telling him he never treated me right, and saying I’m sorry but it wasn’t fair that I had to go without sex because I always need a good hard fuck.

He went off on one at that of course lol but I told him well his penis wasn’t big enough and it didn’t really make me want to do something I wouldn’t enjoy. He was quiet for a bit and then said how I didn’t even let him try and I said well maybe you can try…

He asked if it was the only time and I said “of course it was, I’m not a slut” angrily and he backtracked all ‘I didn’t mean that’ and stuff, what a loser lol. He mentioned how I wasn’t even using a condom and I said it was just an in the moment thing and we’d been drinking (we hadn’t) and forgotten to use one. 

He then said ‘oh, you’re drunk?’ in a weird way, so jumped on it and was like ‘yeah I was really drunk but I’ve sobered up a bit now. But yeah I wasn’t in my right mind it was just a drunken accident.’

He seemed to accept this in a way, clutching at it like a lifebelt, making him sound calmer although a little odd! He said something like ‘at least you weren’t having an affair.’ and I was just like ‘yeah’.

He asked if I still wanted to be with him and I paused and then said I supposed so. He brought up the condoms thing again and I said it was fine I was on the pill and my flatmate is clean (he didn’t ask how i knew this), but he said no I meant can we do it without and I said ‘maybe.. I’ll have to think about it’ which seemed to please him lol!

ANYWAY that conversation kinda wrapped up after I’d repeatedly promised (sounding more annoyed each time) that of course it wouldn’t happen again and of course he could still trust me :P. That seemed to satisfy him, and it felt very good making all those promsies and assurances with a dick in my ass :’) And I finished my fuck still with a boyfriend. It had seemed very easy but then again he always seemed like he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to be with me. Which of course he is… was :)

He came over a few days later (I told him I was busy and wanted to make him sweat) and we watched a long film - and I made him sit through the whole thing, stopping him from touching me or trying to kiss me- I knew what he wanted lol. Well after the film ended we kissed and I squeezed him through his pants - his poor lil thing was as hard as a rock - and he groaned and I asked if this is what he wanted and he said yes. He took his dick out and he was soon dismayed when I reached to get the condoms :’)

He protested and said I’d promised to do it without and I said I hadn’t made any promise. I told him I’d been thinking about it and changed my mind, that it wasn’t a good idea. He said but you did it before (he never seemed able to say ‘with your flatmate’ or ‘with X’) and I said that was a mistake. He said but you clearly enjoyed it though and I said yeah it was fantastic but that’s not the point, and then again he does have a much bigger dick.

He tried to press the matter and I got annoyed and said I wasn’t in the mood anymore. His face then! Knowing he’d lost his chance at sex because he got too greedy <3 He tried to convince me to no avail until eventually I asked him to leave. He whined please don’t be a bitch and I slapped him and told him never to talk to me like that. He apologised and left distraught lol.

I kinda wanted to hurry this whole thing up now, as I knew what I wanted now - basically, I’d been planning to get back with my ex, my last one who I cheated on  that is - so when my boyfriend came over the very next day I was already waiting :)

I wanted to top my previous being-caughts, but not overreach myself for the future. I also knew that he was more obsessed with having my pussy than my ass - I mean, one thing at a time, right? You have to get the Ark of the Covenant before you want the Holy Grail ;)

So the solution was obvious - and he pushed open the door to show me getting both my flatmates big dicks in my pussy :D I was facing up, body facing the ceiling kinda thing, with one flatmate under me fucking up and one flatmate infront of me facing me also fucking. SO HOT!

His face was just gaping, and you could see that he didn’t really know what he was seeing - he’d probably never even heard of double vaginal or thought it was possible lol. I moaned ‘oh my god I totally forgot you were coming round! Don’t be mad baby I got drunk again and didnt mean for you to see this! I swear it’ll never happen again!’ something like that, probably hotter than that haha I failed at restraining a giggle cause I was still getting my poor tight pussy stretched and fucked by two thick cocks whil He’d never even had his small one in :’). then about two seconds later he walked out without a word.

Better wrap this up as it’s gone on soo long this post. He didn’t text me but when I was done I texted him saying basically sorry but I didnt think it was working out between us and dont think we should see each anymore. He replied with, as I half expected, ‘YOU’RE breaking up with ME?’

I replied with ‘lol yeah, hope you dont take it too badly. It was fun while it lasted :)’

He didn’t reply for a while and then actually tried to get me back, texting me to come and talk about it and all that lol. Tried ringing me many times but I didnt answer any of them, and stopped replying to texts and on facebook. And that was that :)

God I can’t believe he still wanted to go out with me, I guess he really did understand how lucky he was to be with me :’) There’s another one who I could probably make apologise for their behaviour just so they could take me back haha. It’s like I have this power over men ;) I love it!

I bet he will spend the rest of his life frustrated, upset and angry with himself and me, furiously masturbating wishing he’d stayed just a bit longer that second time he caught me :P


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