Anonymous asked: I walked in on my gf who was sucking my supposed friend's cock. She started yelling at me for interrupting them, and then said that if my cock wasn't so small, she wouldn't go out for better ones. What's worse is that I got turned on and she noticed and teased me, and she now knows she can fuck/suck whoever she wants and I won't/can't stop her. I just have to take it.

Yes, yes you do. Serves you right for interrupting them.

Anonymous asked: So I had a threesome with my girlfriend and one of my good friends, and we didn't realize till we got into it that he has a huge dick. I told her not to kiss him and she did anyway, she also blew him while I had to jerk off and then he fucked the shit out of her, and gave her a hickey. He flooded her pussy with cum and then she got mad at me that I didn't fuck her, so I just did it anyway and it was humiliating. They talk all the time now, and he slaps her ass in public, should I be worried?

Haha, sexy girl. Of course you had to get sloppy seconds. Be glad you got anything at all.

And of course you shouldn’t be worried… lol

Wow, what a slut. I wonder what it’d be like to have boobs like these… tempting :P

Wow, what a slut. I wonder what it’d be like to have boobs like these… tempting :P

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Anonymous asked: So how did you first come about fucking your flatmates? More specifically, when did you first have them together? The more explicit the detail the better ;-)

I’ve described it in detail previously in my blog (a while ago tbf) - but basically - freshers week, one, than the other, than both together :P

Anonymous asked: A few months ago i found some stuff in my GFs browsing history. She had googled "want to fuck other men", "amazing boyfriend, but boring sex" and similar things. It made me sad, but turned me on at the same time. She have mentioned open relationship and that she wants more sexual experience since we got together at a young age. I can't look in her history anymore, since she changed password. Do you think she have done anything? cheated on me?

Oh no, she sounds like a perfectly satisfied young woman :) I’m sure she’s as good as gold, lol.

kneelingboy asked: Are you still teasing/tormenting your ex? Have you considered hooking up with all his friends/co-workers and fucking them on a regular basis? Openly flirting with them while he's around? Telling them how much better in bed they are? You could leave hints and clues so your ex-bf would suspect what was going on but wouldn't know for sure. That would probably drive him crazy, I know it would for me. He'd be picturing you and one of his acquantainces doing it every time he masturbated

I am :) I think he’s obsessed with chatting to me lol. Fucking people he know and doing all that isn’t so easy as was long-distance. But I’ve fucked some of his friends, acquaintances and bullies from school who went to this uni. And his brother of course lol, though that might be a sore point to bring up even now. Maybe… I dunno, I kinda want to tell him too. About how his brother fucked my ass :) But I’m unsure what it might spell for him and his brother. I suppose his brother would deny it. Or maybe my ex would be too awkward to bring it up with him - I wonder if he’d masturbate over it? I think I’ll only tell him when he’s really turned on in one of our conversations. He’ll probably blow his load lol.

dontchokethestrippers asked: How did your boyfriend end up getting his credit (or debit, I don't remember!) card back?

He just cancelled it :( Another thing he’ll have to apologise for.

Anonymous asked: whats the meanest way youve ever belittled a guy? or what would you love to do but you think its way too much?

Good question buy I dunno really. I can’t remember that well. Do you mean to his face or not? I made fun of my ex and his dick a lot when fucking my flatmates. And I laughed in his face too about his small dick quite a few times. I told him that I wouldn’t really feel it, when he really wanted to have sex with me. I whispered in his ear to fuck me with his little dick, one time. I’m not really sure what’s too much, I want to hear your ideas though about how I can be bitchier.

Anonymous asked: You should absolutely keep your new boyfriend a virgin. Hand-jobs are the most he should ever get, and only if he really earns them. Oral sex would be fine, as long as he's the one pleasuring you. But definitely keep him a virgin. With any luck, you'll get him to accept being a virgin for life, saving other women from the displeasure of his small penis. You'll be doing a public service.

Haha I would be wouldn’t I :)

Anonymous asked: New boyfriend: Fuck the absolute shit out of him for one night only... pretend that he's brilliant and fake lots of orgasms for him. Really raise his expectations first... then you know what to do :) -A.

An alternative suggestion here, hmm tempting, sounds like that could be fun too.. Although for now I think I’m keeping him frustrated :P

Anonymous asked: Keep him a virgin, and keep a tally of how many times you have sex while cheating on him.

Oh come on, you think I can count that high? :P

Anonymous asked: You so have to get another loser to be your wallet (well boyfriend) & cheat on him instead, no point going back babes. There is something so horny about cheating & for me the kinkier the better too. I love cheating on my hubby & my fav is giving a blowjob to a another married fella while on the phone to my hubby. Its just such a turn on & just proves how dumb men really can be lol. Keep up the blog I love hearing your stories.

Of course there’ll be no going back :) I think cheating is a really horny and kinky thing too. Doing shit while I’m on the phone to him is one of my favourites too! They’re so naive hehe ;)

Anonymous asked: So I am definitely a fan of keeping the new boy a virgin. I think that's a great way to get exactly what you want and mold him into needing you and knowing you cheat. My other question is this, have you ever thought about dressing as slutty as you can for the delivery boy and seeing how far he'll go with you?

Delivery boy? You mean the postman? We don’t get any of that stuff being on campus. We just have mailboxes. 

Anonymous asked: The new boy should stay a virgin. But he should know you're not.

Oh he definitely knows I’m not! I have a reputation at uni of course :p But I’ve told him that it’s different for me when I’m in a relationship, and I want to make it work and not just ruin it by jumping into bed with someone :P

forthbridgefun asked: With your new bf I think you should get one of your friends to 'cheat' on you with him i.e. a kiss or something lame, then after he confesses you can drop hints at your actual infidelity and use his 'cheating' as the excuse, not that you need one ;)

Mayyybe - I’ve had suggesitons like this before. But like you said, I don’t need the excuse :P