Anonymous said: I honestly think you need a dominate guy who will make you beg to fuck him, who will make your eyes roll to the back of your head while he fucks you better then ever, can't wait to hear the day you will fall Crazy for a guy!

I already have dominating guys to fuck…

Anonymous said: Would you ever cheat on your boyfriend with a girl?

That’s not even cheating.

Anonymous said: When you pass your virgin off to your friend for safe keeping, will she start her own tumblr?

I really doubt it.

Anonymous said: So let me get this straight you love to cheat and get other boys to cheat but if a boy cheats it's wrong? Wow you're such a lovely bitch! Do you ever find a way to be cruel to other girl's BFs? Maybe turn their relationship around so the GF cheats back with hundreds of boys while the BF gets shit from you or the GF.

Kinda, I’ve definitely influenced a number of girls including my friends, and helped and encouraged them being nastier to their boyfriends as well as cheating. We’ve ganged up on individual boyfriends before lol. Hoes before bros haha.

Anonymous said: You have to make sure there's a smooth transition if you pass the virgin off to your friend. We can't have him date some girl who would give him a single pity-fuck. That would give the poor boy false hope. It's important to keep him a virgin until he graduates.


Anonymous said: How would you break up with the virgin? Do you want him to catch you cheating, or do you want to save telling him about that for after he dates your friend?

I want him to catch me getting fucked in the ass. Maybe with two dicks in the ass.

Anonymous said: "I am at least a bit of a sociopath..." As far as I can tell, you are in fact a total sociopath. That would explain why you don't feel love, empathy or compassion like a normal human being, why you struggle to comprehend morality and why you gain so much gratification from controlling, hurting and manipulating others. It would also explain your out-of-control sexuality and why you experience no real emotional attachment to other people. You're basically a textbook psycho. Seek professional help.

(continued) The whole vanity thing is textbook sociopath, by the way. Psychos almost always have an incredibly inflated ego and delusional sense of grandeur. That would explain your unresponsiveness to criticism, your inability to feel remorse (“I’m perfect therefore nothing I do is wrong”), your ridiculous sense of entitlement and your inaccurate belief that “everyone loves you”. When you say “I know I’m a bad person”, I’m guessing that’s either a lie or said with some degree of pride, right?

- That’sssss niiiccce

steverodgers771 said: Is the bestie who's bf you've fucked one of the girls you've brutally fucked and trash talked?

Unfortuantely not, she’s one of the ones who has simply no idea no matter how many times I’ve done it :’)

Anonymous said: Sara again <3 Loved Carla's latest ask. To think her husband went to all that effort with the rose petals and ended up disappointed! My husband is into big romantic gestures like that, elaborate dates, candlelit dinners, etc. It makes it even more fun to cheat on him since it just reinforces that I'm betraying the man who loves and trusts me more than anyone in the world and would go to the ends of the earth for me :) Those kinds of situations are also great for being extra bitchy! Nothing


like slapping or acting angry and pouty at your man when he’s going all out to please you <3 Anyway, last night he got to have a loose double wrapped handjob and he was so thankful especially since I even let him touch my tits (yes, I usually slap his hand away when he tries). I made him tell me how great it was and how much pleasure he was getting! He was actually moaning and telling me how amazing it feels and I even got him to say it was the best handjob ever and better than sex as I

barely even was touching his little penis. To be extra bitchy I even asked him if the two condoms were getting in the way of his pleasure and got him to say it didn’t (it clearly did). Now as much as I love bringing him to climax just so I can let go right as he starts to cum and watch his pathetic little ruined orgasm dribble into his two condoms this time I told him I was too tired to continue halfway through and told him to finish up himself. He started to take off his condoms and I’m sure

you can guess what I said next :) Well he wanted to know why and I told him I was tired of him making a mess all over the place. He said he’d be careful and went back to trying to get them off so I slapped him and told him just how disrespectful he was being to me <3 Well he apologized and starting fumbling around with his tiny thing through his two thick condoms and I was just about losing it inside. After he filled them up with his cum I told him he needed to wear two to jack off from now

on as I’m tired of dealing with cum stains everywhere :) He tried to bargain down to just one condom but I was bitchy and persistent that the risk of spilling was too much and would have none of it and he finally broke down and agreed. What a loser! This evening I walked in on him masturbating just to be sure and he was actually wearing the two condoms to jack off! What a sweetheart <3 Poor thing, I love him soooooo much but his sex life just sucks more and more because of bitchy little me!

- Love itttttt!!! You are so cruel to him haha :’) I can’t believe you got him to say it was better than sex, you must be such a good maniupulator! Especially with it being two condoms and so loose :’) And that you made him say the condoms didn’t bother him lol - you can remind him of this if he ever says anything different or doesnt want to put them on. And ask angrily and slap him saying youyd better not have been lying to me when you said that :P

Maybe next you can manipulate your way into making him say he loves wearing two condoms. Then he’ll have to wear them for the rest of his life or risk telling you he lied to you haha. Then again with you ruling the roost he has to wear them anyway :P Still, a good excuse to be bitchy and make him admit to the opposite way he feels lol.

Am I right in thinking you’re not going to let him do anytihng again with you without at least two condoms on? :P God imagine how ecstatic he’d be if you let him wear one condom as a special treat, he’d probs blow his load in seconds :P Maybe an anniversary or birthday treat should be telling him he’s allowed to wear one condom, starting something with just the one and seeing how excited he gets and then changing your mind for some reason and putting another back on, maybe two more haha :P

I love that you won making him wear two condoms to jack off from now on lolll. You handled it so well am proud! Good job slapping him and putting him in his place ;) He needs to learn to respect you more. I hope you complained the next day about how difficult he had been before and that he should really buy you something to make up for it. Then again you have his credit card in your purse if I remember rightly so just go on a shopping spree and tell him you deserved it all for his behaviour the night before :)

He sounds like such a loser, you must be having the time of your life with him :) Ruining his sex life more and more while cheating on him bareback :)

blackcockbimbos said: You should treat yourself to a romantic evening at home for one, some nice food, some wine maybe, then get a dildo with a suction cup and stick it on a mirror and go to town on yourself. Just take a "you" day and really appreciate how fucking sexy you are and all the power that brings. Speaking of which here is a fun idea: get angry at him over something stupid, and I mean ANGRY. Maybe storm out of a party or something in front of everyone or something. Make it clear that he fucked up big time.

(continued) Ignore all his calls and whatnot for a few hours. Then send him a text that says something along the lines of “Call me. We need to talk.” Or something else that implies doom. Set your phone to vibrate, stick it up your hole of choice and enjoy knowing that each time it vibrates for you, he’s hearing it ring and waiting with his heart in his throat for you to answer, thinking he might be about to lose his perfect gf. Also you mentioned getting tits like Amy Anderssen. DO EEETT!!!

Haha wow that’s funny! I’ve got the right sized phone to do that easily too! I think I’d put it in my pussy or ass to vibrate while I sucked on my flatmates dicks :P Or even better - let it vibrate in my pussy while one of my flatmates fucked my ass. His desperate attempts to get in touch with me would be helping me cum :’)

As for the mirror suction dildo idea I LOVE IT! I’ve always wanted to fuck myself, thatll be the closest I’ll get! I’d need mirrors facing though I think so I can see myself at the same time. Preferably near each other so I can snog my reflection while I fuck myself. Like the mirrored sides you sometimes get in an elevator, that’d work.

crunchywithatwist said: I am a 22 year old university student and have just recently broken up with my boyfriend, who I kept a virgin much like yourself. I loved cheating on him without him knowing, it was such a thrill. He has a small thin 5 incher that I knew wouldn't do anything for more, so I made him stay a virgin, had I found your blog sooner I could have been much more cruel. He left me saying that he needed more, now I want to hook him up with another cruel bitch that'll keep him a virgin. I'm in the UK, HELP!

Can’t help you but do you not know any friends who will help you out? Do you plan on making a new boyfriend? You can be even crueller this time ;)

Anonymous said: If you're going to get to fucking your bf's ass with a strap-on you should slowly start blindfolding him and then eventually just get other guys to fuck him while he thinks it's you. Maybe like one of your flatmates uses his ass while the other uses yours across the room.

Hahaha wow imagine that!

Anonymous said: How many people know about your exploits behind virgin's back? I say the more the better - when he finally finds out (or you finally get tired of him), I can't think of anything more devastating than feeling like everyone in the world but him knew that his girlfriend was constantly sucking and fucking tons of bigger and better guys while you were together.

Lol fucking loads of people! I’ve got a big reputation, no avoiding that! He’s so naive though, people don’t talk to him or don’t tell him or he doesn’t believe it when they do :P Plus I’m a great lier! Pretty much everyone knows but him lol. I’d love it if I could get his family knowing too and still not telling him/not being bothered :P Unlikely but a fun thought!

Anonymous said: You need to post more. There are women out there considering cheating who just need that last push from reading one of your posts.


And I’ll post however much I please :p I do have a cheating life to attend to…

Anonymous said: I'm kinda confused. I'm in love with my girlfriend. But I'm turrned on by cheating and your blog and I always suspect her of cheating. She doesn't like that I have these fantasies and its cool if she does cheat. Yolo right? But she says shes in love with me and she threatens to commit suicide. She cuts herself. Is this part of her cheating act or is she in love with me?

Errr fucking hell why are you putting this in an ask? Are you for real? Get that girl help! Cutting and suicide threats has got fuck all to do with cheating!