kneeling-for-you said: I think grinding on your ass until he cums is too good for your boyfriend. Instead, you tell one of the guy's you fuck to call your cell at a certain time. Plan it so the virgin ends up grinding on your ass... then is interrupted by the phone call. Stop letting your bf grind on you, pick up, say it's a family emergency or some other excuse, then go fuck the guy who called you. For an added bonus, tell him you MIGHT be back later to finish, so he should hold back on cumming

Excellent idea!! Especially if all I do is go down the hall to my flatmates but pretend I’ve left the building lol. I won’t even tell my bf it’s an emergency, I’ll give him a shit excuse like a friend is outside or something. Maybe I won’t give him any excuse and just say he doesn’t need to know. Then I’ll go and get fucked and filled with cum. 

Anonymous said: You should definitely tease him til he cums more often. You're just really into foreplay. If he can't handle a few hours of foreplay without cumming, then he'll just have to finish the job with his mouth instead of his penis. So what if he's hard again? You're not letting him fuck you after he came all over the bed like that. He can go to sleep with blue balls after you've had a few cums yourself.

Haha sounds good to me.

Anonymous said: Have you ever given a guy a handjob, like an amazing handjob? Like even surprised yourself at how good it is, building it up and up and gettng more and more intense, and right as he is about to cum, you just take it off, pretending to be too tired or distracted or something? It's SO MUCH FUN :) Love leaving them denied. If you have, what was your favorite experience of doing such?

There’s not really much to tell beyond what you just said, but I’ve done that with my last boyfriend :P I plan to do that with this one as well.

Anonymous said: Haha, that ask about sending your ex used panties! I totally did that with my boyfriend. I was going away and he asked me to leave him some worn panties, so I gave him the pair I was wearing. Earlier that day I'd slept with someone else. Also don't you love your boyfriend talking with another guy you've slept with while you're there? Such a rush!


And yep, although that rush isn’t so much when it’s my flatmates just as it’s happened SO often, but I still get it a bit with other guys I’ve fucked. Like in a club when I get a quickie in the toilets and then we go back to my boyfriend a few minutes later with him none the wiser.

Anonymous said: My girlfriends used to "work late" a lot and get home too tired for sex. One time I followed her, and she met some guys in a parking lot and they had sex in her car. I never told her I caught her. But from then on I knew she was cheating on me. She dumped me 6 months later. During those 6 months she only had sex with me twice. I jerked off every night to the fact that she was "too tired" because someone else was getting to fuck her almost every night. Your blog only makes me miss her more.

She sounds like a perfect girlfriend. I’m sure she’s doing the same to the next guy.

Anonymous said: I told my husband I had a fantasy to have a 3some with him and a girl. He asked if that meant I wanted sex with a guy but I lied and said no but I only wanted to make out with a guy in front of him. He reluctantly agreed b/c he was going to have sex with a girl. We had the threesome. Now we're going on vacation and I'm going to get it on with a big dicked stud and my husband will be crazy but can't say a word. Are guys really that stupid for sex?! Did he think "make out" meant kissing?! Lol

haha :P

nieche69 said: My first girlfriend of 3 years cheated on me all the time. With 8guys that I know of. We're not together anymore! You would have liked her! Do you think it was my 5" dick? Or was I just to nice of a guy? Or was it just the big 8 & 9" dicks my friends were feeding her felt to good to give up?

How about all three? Good for her.

Anonymous said: When you give him that really-half-hearted-not-putting-any-effort-in handjob, after stroking for a while, just hold your hand still and make him hump it, so he's doing all the effort, just fucking your hand.

Great idea! Maybe I can just drift off to sleep (or pretend to do so) while he’s doing that, save me any effort at all :P Or better yet get my phone out and start texting friends (or flatmates!) while he’s trying to fuck my hand with his 2 condoms on lollll

Anonymous said: Carla again, I found your two condom idea great & loved every second watching my poor hubby struggle to keep put the second condom on as I watched him. I kept hurrying him too knowing it would add to his frustration & as soon as he was near to getting the 2nd one on he lost his hard on to which I admit I laughed. I couldn't help it & then left the bedroom saying im not waiting any longer. I then went into the bathroom & fingered myself to an orgasm. I love your blog & can't wait to share more.

I’m so glad!! My ideas are always great ;) I’m so pleased you loved making him wear double condoms and I wish I could have seen it! I’m not surprised you laughed I wouldn’t have been able to help myself either, oh well now he can get used to being laughed at, it won’t be so embarassing for him next time :P Unless you laugh even more and make fun ;)

If he tries to blame the condoms just say a poor workman blames his tools haha. Or just say it’s only your fault that you can’t keep it up, guess you don’t want sex all that much then! Even if he gets it in I’m sure he will struggle to keep it up with you bullying him.

You sound a natural anyway at this game, well done on the hurrying aspect I hadn’t even thought of that but will do it myself! If it looks like he’s going to get them both on then just I can just tease and laugh and pressure him more to make him soft again lol - although he’ll have a struggle enough as it is!

Was he embarassed during it? I bet he was red with frustration lol. Did he know you went to give yourself an orgasm in the bathroom? It’s all just too fun for words :’)

Anonymous said: Recently posted about fucking my hubbys enemy on the sofa while he was asleep & taking your idea, took it to another level last night. Hubby & I went out & having arranged to meet his enemy nearby I sneaked away & fucked him in a toilet cubicle, letting him shoot his hot load inside me. Sex was hot, raw & very dirty. Poor hubby had no idea. Back home I had hubby put on two condoms. Watching him struggle just made him look so pathetic & in the end had to go without while I had warm load inside me

Ooooooo fuck that is so fucking hot!!! I love this ask! typing one handed to it so its gonna take me longer :p

I dont know what to add to it but just say that its super hot you got cheat-fucked in a toilet cubicle (I love doing that, feels so nasty!) and filled with hot cum while your husband was totally unaware nearby :’)

and then even better that you did one of my fave fetishes - didnt think youd actually do my suggestion - that you made him wear 2 condoms to have sex with you, and he didnt even get that so just was a total loser failure :’) Aww can’t believe he struggled to put them on, that’s so funny. I wonder what your face was like while he tried, he must have been so eager to have sex and so disappointed and frustrated it didn’t work. I wonder if he went red! Did you say anything at the time while he was trying to wear double condoms? Did he even get near your pussy? Or did he get in but not stay erect? I hope you laughed at him :P

tell me more! my new fave asker :)

Anonymous said: He spoils you with presents all the time. You should get him something. Maybe a shirt that says "virgin" on the front. He wouldn't be so rude as to refuse to wear it out in public with you, would he? It was a gift after all. He should treasure it.

Haha that’d be so funny! :’) He’d better not refuse to wear it, I’d be extra nasty to him if he didn’t.

Anonymous said: Do you think you would be able to get your bf to put on a double condom just for a handjob? I don't know why but i find double condoms hot. It's almost like your denying but not quite while everyone else pounds you bare. . .

Not only do I know I can, but I will! I’ve been denying him everything for ages but I think may soon give him a really half-hearted not-putting-any-effort in handjob while looking really bored or while smirking, maybe even laughing at him, while he’s struggled to get two condoms on and still stay hard. I’ll give him such a shit handjob and keep stopping or going really slowly and that together with the two condoms on at once will make him keep going soft so I can make snide remarks and laugh bitchily at him more :)

I think I find double condoms on even hotter than you :) I can’t get enough of thinking about them so I simply have to do SOMETHING that will include them in my sex life (or rather his - or rather his LACK of a sex life!). And while he’s trying desperately to stay hard with two condoms on and not embarass himself infront of me even more, I will already have at least one load in my pussy and ass from my flatmates :’)

Anonymous said: I saw you had gotten all hot and bothered at the idea of your boyfriend getting raped by your roommate ;) I knew you were a nasty bitch but wow! How would that scenario go, in your wildest fantasy!?

Hehe I know. It’d be like the other post where we fucked on top of his unconscious body, except II’d then have my flatmate lube his big dick up loads and push it inside my bf. He’d fuck him really deep and hard for a bit and then fill his ass up with cum. Hopefully go for round two then :’)

insatiableanddiscrete said: Ah if you think you could handle go for it then haha. Would just make your bf more insecure because you would get a lot of comments and women who look like that certainly attract the sort of lads you seem to let in your knickers


Anonymous said: Theoretically of course, would you jack off my 5" dick, let me cum all over your hand then hold your boyfriends hand after? Or is my dick to small for a handjob?

lol no. Of course it’s too small for anything