Anonymous said: Hi, love your blog! I've been together with my boyfriend for 4 years and our sexlife is so boring. He have started working late nights this year and i couldn't restrain myself from going out with my single friends and meet guys at clubs. My BF thinks he's so great in bed just because he have a big dick, but he's so damn boring and don't know how to please me at all. This makes me so irritated and i love to come to this blog for tips on how to start being nasty to him :p Thanks!

not all guys with big dicks are good in bed, a common misunderstanding. Definitely pick up any advice on this blog you can, there’s lots here about being nasty and cheating :) You definitely deserve to fuck other guys while he’s working his ass off.

Anonymous said: Not only should you set up your boy with a friend after to make sure he gets none, you should make her swear to do the same. A sisterhood of the eternal virginal victim.

That sounds an excellent idea !

sexcrazedcoed said: Love your blog. God I Iove cheating on my boyfriend it gets me so fucking wet. Been fucking his best friend for a few months now. Never let my boyfriend pound my ass but I do anything his best friend wants. I especially love sucking him off while I talk to my boyfriend on the phone mmm.

Mmm indeed hehe ;) It’s so hot. You go girl, keep letting your bf’s best friend bumfuck you while your poor bf goes without :’) What else do you get up to? x

Anonymous said: Hey love your blog and your cruelness just wondering how far you would take your abuse of him like if he found out that u cheated on him and he started crying about it would u console him or just sit there laughing and playing with your pussy while imagining the big dick stud you've just been with?

Hmm if he’d already found out, I guess the cats out the bag so I could properly get off on it if I was feeling cruel ;) I’d play with myself while he was all upset or just plain laugh at him - or both! If he’s caught me red handed then I’ll just keep on getting fucked while he’s stood there :P

parktheshark10 said: Who would you rather have sex with me and my best friend are arguing Me: 5'8" tall a little flabby, 6" long and average thickness dick but amazing at oral sex Or My. Friend Matt: 6'1" tall, body of a Greek god, 9" long and quite fat dick but doesn't do oral sex at all ?

Are you kidding?

Anonymous said: 31 year old MILF here, im pretty new to this tumblr thing, but i found your blog and i can't stop reading it!! I havent cheated on my tiny dicked husband in 4 years, but after reading your blog i think i want to start again! I cheated on him ruthlessly the first few years of our marriage, and barely ever let him have sex with me (i kept him a virgin for almost a year after the wedding) I even cheated on him with multiple guys on our honeymoon!

(continued) Every time he caught me he was devastated, but i always managed to get him to forgive me. All in all I think he caught me with about 50 different men over the years (those are just the ones he caught me with! ;) and im positive at least one of “our” three kids are not his

- fucking hell lol. that’s a lot of times caught! He must be such a loser to forgive you all those times. Surely by like number 6 he’d be getting used to it? He can’t still be surprised when it reached double figures of catching you lol. I expect by then you didn’t even bother to properly apologise. Did you ever just keep fucking when he caught you? You couldn’t have been very careful, I suppose you didn’t really mind him catching you eventually  :P

after all that I’ve no idea why you stopped, of course you should start it up again! That’s so hot that you kept him a virgin for so long and fucked other guys on your honeymoon! You’re an inspiration ;) I hope to get gangbanged on my honeymoon.

Well you know what to do now. Dunno why you stopped but it’s cheat o clock now! And you should stop having sex with him again or make him double wrap.

Anonymous said: One of your asks reminded me of the first time I got to fuck my girlfriend. She was texting the whole time cos she said virgin sex is boring. Ever since, we barely ever fuck, and when we do its mostly me sucking her clit while she bangs herself with a dildo. Thats the best case scenario too, sometimes she still just seems bored and texts the whole time. its lame. I really need advice on how to please her before she decides she wants more. I just want to make her happy, I know I can please her

Awww poor you ;) I hope she cheats on you, if I give any advice it’ll be to her. If I ever did have sex with my boyfriend (or more likely the next one - like if I get back with my ex) then I’m gonna text during sex a lot more.

Anonymous said: My gf does the "disinterested HJ" thing. She fondles my cock haphazardly, sometimes uses far too loose a grip, etc. One of my favorite things, she'll have me wrap my hand around hers, and stoke myself with her limp hand. It's part of a fetish we share for "casual" sex, in the sense that the other person isn't "against" it in a rapey way, but isn't into it either. They're just "letting" you do it, and waiting for you to finish. We both like it, but you can use the idea to be cruel.

Hmm maybe I will :P

Anonymous said: I had an ex at uni who got every girl I dated after her to cheat on me. She'd make it a point to convince them I had a small dick, and get them to cheat on me with the same guys she cheated on me with, often before I got to have sex with them. Thanks to her, those guys got tons of pussy, while I barely got any. I thought I was free when I graduated and moved away, but I was messed up in the head cause of her, and now I like my wife cheating on me. I never told that girl how bad she messed me up.

She’s awesome!

Anonymous said: My ex-bf had a small dickie, and I used to love hitting him in the balls during handjobs, on the way down. If he ever let on that it hurt, I'd chide him. "Sorry honey, I don't have enough room to avoid them." Stuff like that. He was seriously the size of my palm. I should have cheated on him. You're an inspiration to women everywhere.

You definitely should have cheatied on him! big missed opportunity ;) I hope more girls take up the cause!

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm the girl from a few months back who was bragging about her butt. I realised I made many typos: I meant to say I wish my boobs were bigger, and when I said "Every guy wants to fuck it (my butt), and every woman wants to have it (because then guys will want to fuck it.)" I meant because then big-dick guys will want to fuck theirs i.e. they wish they had butts like mine because then they'd get fucked by big cocks. When I sad "then he tiny dick" I meant "than the tiny dick."

Yeah I knew what you meant lol

Anonymous said: Something my girlfriend used to do was made me jack off myself because she couldn't be bothered. But the final few moments she would take over. Maybe you could do that, or would that be too much already :)

That’d be too much - I could do the first part of that, but I wouldn’t take over at the end - I’d probably just stop entirely :P

Anonymous said: Tell tiny girls get really turned on they ooze & get him to eat you after your flatmates he'll think your really into him If you haven't been fucked trash him he will think he is doing a shit job unless your full Same for ass 1000101

You really need to learn to punctuate.

Anonymous said: It's the loser husband who wrote about having to wear condoms a few months ago. I loved Carla's ask about making her poor hubby wear two condoms. It's torture enough having to put on a condom and being denied bare pussy even though you're married and she's on the pill but it's worse when you roll that second one over the top and even worse when you fill up your little condoms with yet another premature ejaculation. Once I even put on three condoms in a desperate attempt to avoid...

(continued) being a two pump chump that night. It was like I wasn’t even having sex at all. I could barely feel anything but I did manage to last 2-3 minutes before cumming. I bet the only reason my wife can stand to be with me is I go down on her all the time even though she never gives me blowjobs (she teases me about them a lot though). The only time I get to cum without a condom is when she gives me a handjob…

… holding her hand still while I thrust into it like it’s the finest pussy in the world or (much more often) masturbating alone because I rarely get sex or even a pity handjob. I’m so lucky to have her and to get the privilege of thrusting inside her while double wrapped. Carla should make her poor hubby wear double condoms every time from now on. Making losers double bag is so hot!

- hahaha that is so funny!! and really really hot too :) I don’t know whether to laugh or play with myself lol :P Your wife sounds like she really knows how to run a marriage, she sounds amazing. I can’t believe you even went for three condoms, I’d have thought that near impossible, and you still only lasted a few minutes lolll. No wonder she makes you wear them all the time and I hope she teases you more than a lot about it all, and is pretty nasty to you.

I do think she’s spoiling you by letting you have a handjob without a condom, even if that is a rare thing. I hope she makes you wear double condoms during that from now on. I’m glad you know how lucky you are and how even going anywhere near her pussy while double wrapped is a massive privilege. I hope Carla realises this too and her husband doesn’t get to fuck bare or with only one condom on ever again. If I had my way it’d be this case with all loser boyfriends and husbands :P

Anonymous said: Find a way to corrupt his first time. Keep him a virgin for now but when it is time for him to lose the V-card, have it ruined by some cruelty. Laugh at his inexperience and dick, moan someone elses name. Talk shit after he is done and go to your flatmates for a real fuck. Something to ruin the first time.

If I do ever let him have sex, which I probably won’t (I’m thinking of having one of my girls go out with him after me so she can deny sex and cheat on him too), then this is the way to go!