Anonymous said: I was always the "nice guy" for hot girls, stuck in friend-ville while they played fuck-doll for the jerks. It took time, but I realized there are 2 types of men: those born to fuck women and those born to marry them. Exceptions exist, but generally true. Once I came to terms with it, I did what I was born to do - I married one. Of course, I would later learn that she fucked two of my friends, while denying me until I proposed, but that's the natural order. BTW you rock :)

Haha! Sounds like everything worked out in the end ;) Totally natural!

Anonymous said: I would never have had the courage if I didn't know other girls were cheating too. I don't like all of the stuff you do - sometimes I think you cross the line - but I want to thank you for inspiring me to go for it. It's a cliché, but you only live once and why shouldn't I have awesome sex with a hot alpha male if I want to? A part of me I'm ashamed to admit to thinks that it's only natural - he deserves to have me if he dominates my husband like that. How bad is that??! So very very sexy though

Absolutely :) You only live once, so cheat like your life depends on it ;) YOU deseve it.

Anonymous said: Carla here! Ok it was all planned. I waited for my hubby to finish getting ready as we prepared to head out for our night out together, or so he thought. Like I said I waited for him to be ready then out of the blue I laid into him, shouting & swearing all the while I felt myself getting wet. I knew what to say & I knew what was going to happen. I stormed out the house & into the waiting taxi without my hubby. As I had planned from the start. The taxi took me to the restaurant which my hubby had

(continued) booked & there I met my risky date for the night. It was Dan, my hubby’s good friend & like me was also married & I’m even friends with his poor wife lol. I have fucked him before but this was risky as now we were in public & anyone could recognize us but I didn’t care. We ate as Dan kept oogling my huge boobs which were spilling out of my top. I had waited long enough, I got up & told him to meet me in the disabled toilet in a few minutes. There I pulled my tits out from my top & as

(continued) soon as Dan entered I had his cock out. I started sucking his cock before having him ring his wife. I must admit it turned me on as he spoke to his wife trying to hold back his moans while I sucked and slurped on his cock as noisily as I could. Then I shoved him onto the toilet & sat astride him as his cock sank into me. I moaned out & as I did Dan’s face went red as he panic shot through him. But his poor wife didn’t hear. He soon hung up & as he said he loved her I couldn’t help

(continued) but smile as I fucked him harder. I snogged him sticking my tongue into his mouth as he squeezed my tits as I continued to ride him. It wasn’t long until he was cumming, pumping his hot load inside of me as I whispered “I bet she doesn’t fuck you like that, does she?” He agreed red faced. With that I climbed off him made myself decent before leaving. Not just the toilet but the restaurant, leaving Dan to foot the bill before heading back home to his poor wife lol. I got a taxi home

(continued) which I sent hubby out to pay for. When he came back into the house I told him I was still angry & that it would be best if he slept on the couch. With that I gave my evil grin as I looked at him, defeated & if only he knew where I had been & what I had done. He was totally humiliated & he didn’t even know. That night I had the best orgasm ever with my new dildo which I bought using hubby’s card. Next Saturday I plan on going out & fucking a complete stranger. Can’t wait. XxX Carla

- I love your stories! Your poor husband and his poor wife haha :’)

Anonymous said: A few nights ago my girlfriend and I went out to a club with one of my friends (who is also her ex). We had a good time but they were kind of flirty, and ignored me when I tried to get into the conversation. At one point when I came back with drinks my friend told me "You're kind of a loser." He headed to the bathroom before I could really say anything back, but my girlfriend said she'd go talk to him. After about 20 minutes I got sick of waiting and looked around for them but didn't see them

(continued) until they were both walking back from the bathroom. I asked her if she talked to him about it and she said “Kinda.” The night wrapped up pretty quickly after that and we went home. She told me she was horny so we started going at it and she was really wet. At one point she accidentally called out my friend’s name, which made me remember I wanted to hear how their conversation went. She told me she couldn’t argue against something that’s true. I wasn’t in the mood after that but we

finished anyway. I’m really worried that she is fantasizing about cheating on me with my friend. I told my best friend about it and he just laughed and said “You shouldn’t worry about that.” I’m trying not to make it a big deal, but its really making me worry she’s fantasizing about him. I figured I’d get a cheater’s opinion on it. Help?

- Haha it’s pretty obvious, and fucking funny :) She totally got all his thick cum fucked into her in the bathroom which you then put your dick in later without realising. I bet she’s been fucking and sucking him loads while talking about how much of a loser you are behind your back (and to your face by the sounds of it too).

Anonymous said: do you ever share hookups with other girls, or do you keep all the cock to yourself?

Sometimes yeah, but its usually if I’m encouraging them to cheat at the time, or doing it with one of my fellow cheaters. Like a double cheating date lol.

mcon923 said: Hi there! I love your blog! It even inspired me to share my story, although it's a pretty tame one in comparison to the others I've heard! I dated my girlfriend for almost 4 years, and even early on, the sex wasn't the best because I couldn't keep her satisfied. She would tell it's ok and we would work through it, so eventually I figured things would improve. A few months ago she finally admitted to me that she had been cheating on me for over a year. Since she was by far the hottest...

I didn’t get any other parts to this, but I like this anyway :)

Anonymous said: Have you had any more foursomes with 3 other guys? the first one was so hot. can you describe what happened? did you go ass to mouth? where did they come? what positions did you do?

A few yeah. Not much to describe, I dunno, I did it all cause I always do :P I always go ass to mouth. They’ve cum in different places, often my ass and mouth but the last one they all came in my unprotected pussy.

Anonymous said: It wouldn't be the same old thing. You're always coming up with new cruel things. And I can't speak for all your followers, but I will never get bored of you keeping this boy a virgin while cheating on him.

I guess the longer it goes on the funnier it is :P

Anonymous said: How about getting a dildo mold of one of your housemates done, then you can fuck yourself with it I front of your bf... Or even get him to fuck you with it. Then if you ever get him to take it in the arse you can do so in the knowledge of whose dick he's really being fucked with. Maybe even tell him it was a gift from a previous bf :)

Very tempting ;)

Anonymous said: Based on your blog, I think you're a good person. Sure you cheat on this guy, constantly, but you also cuddle him, and give him condom-covered hand jobs. Most girls wouldn't give guys like him the time of day, as evidenced by the fact that he was still a virgin when you met him. If he weren't being abused by you, he'd be alone. You joke that he should be grateful even though you're so cruel, but you really are giving him the time of his life, and you know it. No joke - you are a good person.

Thanks :) I see your point, maybe I should stop saying I’m a bad person. He’s definitely super lucky :) 

slvbunker said: How often do you beat your boyfriend? Is it just slaps? Have you ever left a mark that he had to pretend was something else? Do you ever hit him in public? Like a loud snack across the face, where people look over at you two as he turns red?

Just slaps I’m afraid :P And yeah I’ve done it in public, he gets all embarassed lol I love it especially as I can see other guys looking at me like they want to fuck me bad.

Anonymous said: Theres this girl in my class (11th grade high school, USA) shes seriously the hottest girl in my grade, if not the whole school. gorgeous face, big tits, small waist, amazing ass. she cheats on her boyfriend constantly and everyone in school knows except for him. she has sex with tons and tons of guys at parties. ive even fucked her a few times. shes really into fucking multiple guys at once, like 3 or 4 but one time i remember she rounded up the guys at the party with the biggest dicks and

(continued) fucked all of them at once. there were about 10 or 12 of them, all black guys. shes 17 but she fucks guys ranging from 9th grade to seniors in college. her boyfriend doesnt know she cheats despite her letting guys slap and grab her ass and tits and grinding in front of him at school and parties sometimes. his birthday is coming up and its going around school that she’s planning something big and humiliating for him. just thought you’d like to know about the slut at my school!

- Wow she sounds great, an early starter haha. Good luck to her! What happened on his birthday?

Anonymous said: JR: Glad you did not miss the RfaD hint. What would be your reactions/actions if your boyfriend would 'man up' and take you like your fuck buddies do take you?

I have no idea what this first sentence means, I guess its a reference to another post but dunno which one. And LOL at the second one. Even if he tried - which would make me laugh - I’m stronger than him and could easily shoot him down. Besides, he really doesn’t have the dick for it.

Anonymous said: This blog drives me crazy... Date me?

You wish :)

Anonymous said: Do you ever make your bf dress like a girl as punishment?

No. You misunderstand our relationship and this blog.