Anonymous said: Have you talked with your friends about keeping him virginal through multiple cheating girlfriends? Are they interested in participating?

Yes they are :) One in particular, she thinks its a really great idea.

Anonymous said: Okay so how do you get away with it? How does your boyfriend never find out what you're doing? I really want to fuck my boyfriends best friend because i know he wants it too, I'm just terrified of my boyfriend finding out, can you help?

A lot of it is cause we dont live together. A lot of it is manipulation, having the right guy you can tie around your finger. knowing who to trust, how to lie and how to go on the offensive. Being hot and withholding sex also plays its part. If you dont go crazy at it like me, and just want to fuck his best friend (a noble cause lol), then Im sure you can do it, just dont take big risks. And lie to the bitter end! Let us know!

Anonymous said: My boyfriend knows I chet on him, but it's not consensual. He doesn't want me to cheat on him, but doesn't dump me becuase I'm uber-hot. He knows he could never get anyone nearly as hot as me, given his skin-and-bone bod and small "penis". I belittle him all the time, telling him how bigger and better the men I cheat with are. He hates it, but deserves it. Originally, I was nice to him-never faithful (that'd be too nice) but I kept my cheating secret and told him he satisfied me in (Continued)

(continued) bed (lying, of course). I never felt guilt because I’m hot and he’s not. I have a perfect female body, so I deserve perfect male bodies, and the guys I cheat with do have them; tan, six packs, six-inch cock (soft), you know, everythng a girl wants. It wasn’t about cheating for the thrill, but cheating to get the saisfaction that I didn’t get from him. Later, I got mad at him for aving a small dick, and was slighly bitchier. hen he caught me, I had a massive orgasm and (continued)

(continued) mercillesly taunted him. I finally gave him the punishment he deserved for having a small penis, and pathetic body making him clean up the mess then telling the guy who was fucking my bum to beat him up. He begged me to stay faithful, but I laughed. That was 18 months ago. I still cheat, and constantly yell at my BF for being so , and during sex I’ll tell him about how the other guys are so much better. He hates this, but stays with me because I’m so hot. Isn’t it great to be hot?

- Absolutely :) Sounds like you’re really making the most of it :)

Anonymous said: Spent a lot of time reading your stories! Amazing. But one thing crossed my mind: you obviously fuck your flatmates a lot and probably couldn't hide from them a long time that you're a cheating slut. But how did you tell them? When was the first time you fucked one of them?

Freshers week, and I could hardly hide my antics ;) Add to that a lot of alcohol always being consumed, and general sluttiness…

Anonymous said: Can i beat the shit out of your bf? idgaf what can happen to me, i wanna fuck him up so bad then when hes in the hospital you can look like the best gf and visit him. But ill go too and you can give me the sloppiest deepthroat blowjob ever, lick my ass too in the bathroom or even right next to him if hes sleeping. Let me know When you're ready

Mmmm Ill kiss him right after on the hospital bed, really long and wet and salty while hes unconscious. I wouldnt even need to swallow ;)

Anonymous said: Are there any guys who want to fuck you, but aren't up to your standards? If so, do you tease them or be cruel to them in anyway?

Loads of them, and yeah I’m an arrogant bitch to them :p Or/and just lead them on loads and then turn them down, maybe laugh a bit in their face :P

Anonymous said: Do you think your boyfriend is actually in love with you, and if not would u want him to be? I'm interested in how far you'd take your emotional cruelty fetish and if you're activley seeking to break his little heart being a slutty bitch :)

Ooh I don’t know, really dont. Again it depends how cruel I’m feeling ;) I do very much like being a slutty bitch…

Anonymous said: My girlfriend, who I loved more than anything in the world, recently left me for a much bigger guy. Apparently his dick is about ten inches long, mine is only six. She told me that he cums more than I do, and that it's thicker. More many in every way she said. Is this true? Do bigger, better men produce better, thicker, tastier cum?

Of course lol. Like creamy yoghurt :P

Anonymous said: should i be worried that an anal loving party slut like you will steal my bf from me?? his ex gf (my best friend) was basically his anal slave but i'm too much of a prude to take such a thick cock in my bum...

Of course not, dont be worried :) I dont see how on earth I could seduce him, grinding my ass up against him in the club and feeling it grow big and hard, whispering in his ear how easy I am and how he can put it wherever he wants in the club toilets, that itll be our little secret between his big cock and my tight bum and how if his girlfriend doesnt want it in her ass then thats her problem.

Im sure I wont be able to distract him even from his ex, who Im sure has stopped having him fuck her ass since they broke up, and hasn’t been getting off on letting him pound her butt to mush every week on your bed, trying not to laugh in your face when you confide in her you dont want to take it in your bottom and thinking to herself that shes really such a good best friend giving up her ass still to keep your bf satisfied.

Oh wait, my mistake, I had your boyfriend’s big dick in my ass last night :) Oh well x

Anonymous said: Sara here <3 Hubby finally managed to get his pity sex . He still fumbled quite a bit but managed to stay hard long enough to get his double condoms on and thrust ineptly inside me for a few minutes while I hardly moved before he filled them up and told me he was the luckiest man on Earth. The silly thing is so sexually frustrated he's incredibly grateful for the meager scraps I give him. I love depriving him of pussy so much. Recently I found out that in the calendar he keeps in his

(continued) nightstand he puts a smiley face on the days we have sex and a frowny face on the days we don’t. My lover and I had a good laugh looking at all the rows of frowny faces during my latest cheat session. The frown for our anniversary was especially satisfying :) I’d never give hubby any pussy at all except it turns me on so much to be bitchy and make him wear two condoms and play on his insecurities about his abilities in bed. I think my favorite was the time I made sure he could overhear me
telling one of my girlfriends on the phone that I had faked every orgasm with him (true). That night we had sex and he was clearly trying way too hard to please me and so I made sure to use my body language to make it extra obvious it wasn’t working and the poor thing was so red in the face until he finally went soft before he could cum. I could see that he felt like such a failure when I pulled out my vibrator to finish myself off, especially when it was so clear that it was giving me way
more pleasure than he had :) You’re right that I’m giving him too much sex, I think from now on half the time he just gets a loose hand job, double wrapped of course because of the mess and all even though half the time I cut them short before he gets to cum :) I wonder if I could get him to wear two condoms to jack off by himself. He’d go through soooo many since he masturbates like he’s going through puberty and just discovered internet porn (which I tease him mercilessly about). As for

the ass I only give it to lovers or maybe if I’m feeling really dirty on a one night stand, but never to hubby even though he’s asked for it. In fact, the last time he begged for anal earned him a slap :) I sometimes feel sorry for him, I love him sooooo much and he really is such a sweetheart. But then I realize he’s lucky to be married to a hot bitchy cheating slut like me and to get any sex at all. The diamond jewelry he got me looks great by the way <3

- Oh you nasty cruel bitch :) You are such a great wife to him! I hope you make him buy you presents all the times and keep his credit card in your purse, you deserve to be spoiled as much as possible!

The calendar thing is tooo funny! So pathetic!! No wonder you cant take him seriously Id have laughed in his face over it.

I do kinda miss having sex just to be mean and bitchy with it so I know what you mean. I dont think ill stay with my bf too long as I want to keep him a virgin but I also want th eopportunity to go back to how I used to be. At least I can make him use double condoms with handjobs now :P Im glad youre starting that too, its so much fun! Its just laughable how easy it is to make them wear two condoms if they think theyll get something out of it isnt it :’) And with a handjob you get full control over it and how loose and rubbish itll be :P Ive done it to my bf to the point hes barely touching the sides of my hand, and my hand has relaxed to the point its not even open anymore, just a palm haha! And hes desperately trying to fuck my open palm :’)

you totally should make him double up for jacking off too! After all think of the mess ;) He shouldnt be able to do anything outside of two condoms really, I mean even that is more than he deserves so he should be grateful!

I love that you slapped him for asking for anal too :’) And congratulations on the new jewellry :) x

Anonymous said: You recently said cheating is wrong if guys do it. WTF? I've a ripped body and a huge cock. My GF is waiting for marriage and is only a 7. Why don't I have the right to constantly cheat on her with hotter, more deserving women (I do every day)?

its just my opinion. Well not just mine I know a lot of followers will agree with me. I know its hypocritical and dont really give a fuck. But to me girls cheating and beign slutty will always be hot but when guys are going around cheating and bragging about it and their cocks it only comes across as being a dickhead lol. And the promiscuity and aggressive sexuality of girls is still kinda taboo while its not of guys. Nobody gets turned on by a guy being a manslut, except himself lol.
of course its still hot when a girl like me steals someones boyfriend,but that’s different, theyre just prey and I like oneupping other girls :P

Anonymous said: You should see if you can fuck all of your boyfriend's siblings at once.

Id like that ;) lets hope the guys have big dicks, and the sister is up for a strapon in the ass :P

lezbiandome said: i have a guy with really big and hard dick and he needs to cum 5-6 times every day to stay soft.i want to put his dick in chastity for really small dick like smallest chastity there is and lock him in it forever.while i get fucked in my pussy and ass every day in front of him with no condoms and they allways fill up my pussy.what do you think about it?and shuld i let him cum in his life or shuld i melt the key and he never gets a chance to cum like a man?

wow haha what a strange ask. I think you should do what turns you on, which in this case seems to be to lock this big guy up while you get assfucked in front of him and filled up with cum. 

goes to show everyone that big guys dont ALWAYS win in the end! lol

joshescutia said: Goodness you are perfection ;)

yes I am ;)

observewithapathy said: We need more cheating blogs like yours that is not just endless reblogs! I hope Carla and Sara starts one

I hope they do too! my fave askers these days