ck0802 asked: Sucking cock while chating with your oblivious bf on the phone is fun, don't ya think?


Anonymous asked: I caught my gf doing the same sort of thing you do to me, what can you say to her to make sure she doesn't get caught again?

Just be careful slut. You can tease and torment him all you want but if you want to keep on cheating behind his back - make sure it really is behind his back. 

Anonymous asked: If your not ready to break it up with your boyfriend maybe it's time for a second wimpy plaything? Chat some guy up, tease and deny him then let him catch you take two fat cocks up your ass :)

I’m thinking with this new guy that when I want to end it (like when I can’t take it any further) I really should have him catch me with as you say two fat cocks up my ass :) What a sight for him after thinking I never wanted to have sex :P He’ll have that sight burned into his mind forever. He probably doesn’t even think it’s possible.

Anonymous asked: 22/f i haven't told him yet, but i'm fucking my ex more and more, and teasing my bf more! even making him beg just to eat me out!! all while im full of my exs cum

That’s the spirit :)

Anonymous asked: You should make your bf eat your ass after you've been fucked roughly by your flatmates ;)

I think that might be a good substitution for giving him sex, don’t you? :P

Anonymous asked: You are a goddess…I'm addicted to your blog, it is without a shadow of a doubt the hottest thing on the whole Internet!!! I can't believe how mean and nasty you are…you're simply amazing :) You really and honestly enjoy cheating on small dick losers, messing with their heads by teasing and taunting them, humiliating them, ouright hurting their feelings—in a word, ruining their lives—don't you? ;)

Oh yes ;)

Anonymous asked: Where do you get off trying to put down guys based on their cock size? It's not my fault you ungrateful bitch. I hope you walk around in your slutty busty outfits and get torn apart and raped when you least expect it.

Ahaha ;)

Anonymous asked: I say if your new bf is a virgin you shouldn't fuck him at all. If he ever asks or anything just keep telling him his first time should be really, really special and important. All while you're busy fucking every guy you can get, even basic strangers who you've just met.

I think most people are in agreement about me not fucking my new bf :) And don’t worry about me fucking everyone else, I’ll be doing just that!

Anonymous asked: "Do I want to take back cuckolding? No. I want to take forward CHEATING" - Same Anon. Good answer. I agree with, and enjoy your approach. Tbh I've done the "cuckold" thing with two of my exes now as a mutual fetish (I see where you say essentially open relationship) and the hype around interracial and "black bulls" was never something any of us could stand. I hope that you do manage to "take forward cheating." Keep having fun and doing what you're doing! It's fucking hot and I love your attitude


Anonymous asked: If your new boyfriend is a virgin you can tell him how it's normal for girls to be felt up by or make out with or maybe even give oral to other guys. Tell him none of that is actually cheating and he'd understand that clearly if he'd ever actually had sex, but since he hasn't he just has to trust you about it.

That’s a really really good idea. I love it :) Might have to do that, especially if he pushes me cause he catches me during one of those things. I am a lot more experienced in these things so he really should trust that I know what I’m talking about.

Then again, rereading what you wrote, I can’t really see a problem with it anyway. It totally is normal for us girls (especially with very fuckable boobs and bums) to get felt up by guys, and sometimes to make out with them when we’re drunk, and like at a club or a party. Well if guys are squeezing my tits together kinda wants me to make out you know!

It’s just being silly and being friendly, and having a good time. Happens all the time at uni. As for oral, I can kinda understand some prudes thinking that that’s cause for a problem. But it’s not as though it means anything, it’s usually just an extension of what happened before. If they feel you up, it’s only fair to feel them up too a bit. Or maybe they have a bulge in their trousers and you want a cheeky squeeze. Or they might tell you how big they are and you need proof, of course. Pulling on a big dick isn’t really cheating, it’s just like stroking someone’s arm or something, they’re just body parts.

And sometimes doing that you just can’t help but put it in your mouth. Especially if it looks yummy. Once you’ve pulled a guy’s dick out of his pants then it’s pretty expected that you’re then gonna suck him off. Be rude not to. And it is fun and often tasty!

These are all things I suppose my boyfriend needs to understand. Though boys often don’t *sigh*.

Anonymous asked: Like you I started cheating when I left my bf behind to go to college. I totally get off on the thrill and evilness of it. I have sex with him (now my husband) maybe once every 2 months is all. I love fucking guys he hates or his family the most. Honestly I feel pretty sure our son is actually from my brother-in-law. I fuck him about twice a week. Keep up the cheating and good luck with a new bf or getting the old one back, whichever you choose.


Anonymous asked: I think when you go back to the town where your old bf lives you should ask him to invite you over to just hang out or something and then shamelessly flirt with his brother in front of the exbf and then get the brother to take you in the next room and fuck you while you're as loud as you can be. Then leave, saying as little as possible to the old bf on your way out.

Wow, that’d be so hot! I’d scream for his brother to pound my ass. The next room would of course have to be my brothers bed :) Afterwards, is a kiss out of the question with my ex? Just for old time’s sake…

Anonymous asked: What started your desire to cheat on your boyfriend?

Doing it when I was drunk. Which itself just came about by my usual desire for sex.

Anonymous asked: Your blog is so fucking hot! It reminded me of a time I had this fuck buddy, she was smoking and feisty too ... Found out she had a boyfriend the whole time so I fucked her harder and started leaving presents for him to find later ... She'd deny cheating and say she was just really horny ... Then she'd text me after they fucked asking me when the next meet was ;)

Love it! What a girl :) She must have been sopping wet when he entered her…

Anonymous asked: I wouldn't say i'm a cheater as i don't want a relationship, but I sure do love fucking married men or men in a relationship. And it even better when you get to fuck them at their place on their bed where they sleep with their wives or girlfriends. I love your blog & love how you cheat on your loser of a boyfriend. No man is equal to a woman as far as I'm concerned & we should all do as we please. I know I do & I don't care who's feelings get hurt. I just love being a bitch!

It’s great isn’t it :D